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DAILY STRENGTH leadership MAP: provide yourself with physical, mental, and heart-connected strength Yes, please! 

DAILY STRENGTH leadership MAP: provide yourself with physical, mental, and heart-connected strength


Ease and trust

Mentorship for leaders 

Access your inner knowing.
So you can lead with clarity, commitment and connection. 


My mentorship is about leading yourself and others.


And when you find yourself here, most likely you are a leader. Here I go with the definition by Brené Brown: 

“A leader is anyone who takes on the responsibility for finding the potential in people and processes and has the courage to develop that potential.”


This mentorship supports you on a deep level to be that leader and to be devoted to showing up for what you're here to do, every single day. 

No matter if you’re a mom or dad, or in a leadership role in your community or professional work:

You’re being called to lead yourself while you’re here to show up for others, certain processes and your unique role.

And while we often know what to do on a more surface level, processes that run on deeper levels can be difficult for us to see.

It can be challenging to receive clarity about what exactly is going on.

Thus our communication with ourselves and others can lack important qualities like clarity, commitment and connection that would allow us and others to show up in authenticity and with clear intentions.


Over and over again in my personal life and in my client’s lives I’ve seen that clarity, commitment, love and connection were the qualities that were missing when communication and connection broke down and things didn’t turn out the way we had envisioned them.


This is my offering to support you in leading yourself and others with these qualities. So you can show up for what matters most to you. 

To make a first step into all of this, book a single coaching session or schedule a free connection call.
I’m looking forward to chat to you soon!


Offerings Menu
  • Single session

    Book a single session and chat support to receive clarity. All my offerings connect you to your inner knowing.



  • Mentorship

    To expand we want to feel safe and held.

    Find different options of mentorship here. 



  • Girls and boys

    This is mindfulness, coaching, and energetic leadership for girls and boys 14ish - 18ish years old.

    Short and long-term. 


 „You did a fantastic job as a coach." 
// Dr. Shefali Tsabary


 About Kim-Nicola



Hi, I’m Kim, I’m a mentor for leaders who want to lead themselves and others with clarity, commitment, and connection. I also am a mom to two boys whom I love over all!

When I don’t work I absolutely looove to be in nature, to go swimming, to do Ballet classes online, to read from Kevin Kwan to Deepak Chopra, to cook and bake, preferably with Donna Hay and Mimi Thorisson, and to enjoy life with my two boys and friends.

I worked as a holistic medicine practitioner and in 2011 moved on to teach mindfulness and to coach kids and adults in schools, clinics and privately. Since 2020 I offer my services online. My strength is to see the bigger picture, to support you to connect to your inner strength, and to connect the dots.



"I’ve had a great experience working with Kim-Nicola: a Coach myself, I know about the value of having one in your corner, to help you detect blind spots and challenge myself to think bigger and better.
No matter where you are and what you’re going through in your life, Kim will pick you up right there and softly – yet determined! – guide you towards your goals and wellbeing.

An expert in different modalities, she has a large toolbox available and hand-selects them in each session to achieve the best results. In our sessions, we focused on finding, transforming and resolving a limited belief made in childhood about my ability to make money. Gaining clarity and deep understanding of this pattern felt extremely empowering and I’m already noticing a shift in my life and income!

Without hesitation, I can recommend Kim-Nicola as your Coach and Guide!"
// Camilla Quintana, Expat Coach for women

“After having worked with Kim I feel stronger, because I learned to speak up for myself and to set boundaries. I can now accept my fears and integrate them. When my kids are freaking out, I can stay calm (not always of course, haha). I lead a healthier life and I feel more aligned with my true self. I can really recommend Kim because she's such a wonderful, funny and caring person." 

// Isabel van Essen

My journey went from a vision of me in a golden cage and a brick chimney on my chest when thinking about my marriage, to the image I saw when I was thinking of life without him - me twirling on a beach, arms stretched out wide under a clear blue sky with fluff clouds, laughing. 

That is how I feel today. Liberated. Full of optimism, love, content and rejuvenation. And I didn’t leave.

The journey took 18 months of Kim’s unwavering and expert coaching. It took patience, applying the learnings, endurance, journaling, meditation, connecting to my body, unlearning some old patterns, getting to know and heal my inner child and meeting my wiser self in guided meditation. 

Today I can again see myself living out our retirement days together and I can confidently answer the question “do you still love me” with an authentic “YES”. 

 // Anonymous