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Hi, I'm Kim and I’m here to help you to access your inner knowing and to thrive fully.

My clients typically feel fulfilled privately and professionally and have it all together on the outside. They feel fulfilled on many levels. At the same time they can feel overwhelmed by thoughts and feelings or disconnected.

Others don't have particular difficult thoughts and feelings. But they feel there’s more in it for them.

More to discover, more to expand into, more to love.

If this is you, you know all of this can feel like you’re stuck, or you don’t feel fully alive.

You feel: all is "under control" - but you feel stressed.

You see: all is working - but it’s not flowing as you wish it to flow, or it’s not fully aligned to your values.

You feel loved and loving, but a deeper connection is sometimes missing.

All of my clients that made huge shifts started with their decision to go all in.

A decision to open up to a whole new way of leadership, privately and professionally.

In this leadership you access your inner knowing diligently, and you live by it, every day.

If you don’t know me yet, let me introduce myself here:

My passion is expansion and my biggest passion is to see others expand. This is also one of my biggest strengths: I can see the potentiality in whatever situation you’re in. I can see the bigger picture (when you might not). I can see what’s in it for you on the other side.

I run on gentle discipline. This is something I took up from one of my teachers, Saki Santorelli, in four practice retreats I attended with him, in Rome / Italy (and yes, I’m an Italy fan, from the air and light, to the cappuccino and food, to the people who make me laugh a lot - yes, even during very serious mindfulness practices!).

Working with me can be intense as I’m so passionate about this work. My clients know how to take it. They know they can take something or leave it. They know how to lead themselves through this process of expansion while they know they can count on my guidance. And that they can check-in daily if they wish so. (We do that via 1:1 private chat.)

My genius doesn’t lie in teaching and coaching you around pieces that you can apply immediately in your everyday life (although I do that really brilliantly too!).

My genius lies in seeing what is possible for you and in holding space for your own inner knowing to come through. To then help you to anchor that into your beautiful life. So you can feel alive fully and thrive fully.

My genius also lies in giving you the space in meditation and texting and speaking to let go of perfectionism, controlling, guilt, shame, or other patterns that hold you back. This letting-go process, again, is a decision. And it requires your dedication. To not stop. To believe in yourself, no matter what.

If you feel you want to take the first step right now you can do that by booking a two-hour Leadership Intensive Experience: Falling in love with yourself. It comes with a two-week follow-up period of chat support. 

 „You did a fantastic job as a coach." 
// Dr. Shefali Tsabary


// Ramona Schmid, Ballet Mentor and Playfulness Ambassador 

"I’ve had a great experience working with Kim-Nicola: a Coach myself, I know about the value of having one in your corner, to help you detect blind spots and challenge myself to think bigger and better.
No matter where you are and what you’re going through in your life, Kim will pick you up right there and softly – yet determined! – guide you towards your goals and wellbeing.

An expert in different modalities, she has a large toolbox available and hand-selects them in each session to achieve the best results. In our sessions, we focused on finding, transforming and resolving a limited belief made in childhood about my ability to make money. Gaining clarity and deep understanding of this pattern felt extremely empowering and I’m already noticing a shift in my life and income!

Without hesitation, I can recommend Kim-Nicola as your Coach and Guide!"
// Camilla Quintana, Expat Coach for women


“After having worked with Kim I feel stronger, because I learned to speak up for myself and to set boundaries. I can now accept my fears and integrate them. If my kids are freaking out, I can stay calm (not always of course, haha). I lead a healthier life and I feel more aligned with my true self. I can really recommend Kim because she's such a wonderful, funny, and caring person." 

// Isabel van Essen, 40 years old


„Kim is deeply committed to sharing the beneficial practices of mindfulness with people of all ages, to enhance their well-being. I highly recommend Kim as a teacher for mindfulness for children, adolescents and adults.“
// Dr. Amy Saltzman


"My journey went from a vision of me in a golden cage and a brick chimney on my chest when thinking about my marriage, to the image I saw when I was thinking of life without him - me twirling on a beach, arms stretched out wide under a clear blue sky with fluff clouds, laughing.

That is how I feel today. Liberated. Full of optimism, love, content and rejuvenation. And I didn’t leave my marriage.
The journey took 18 months of Kim’s unwavering and expert coaching.

It took patience, applying the learnings, endurance, journaling, meditation, connecting to my body, unlearning some old patterns, getting to know and heal my inner child and meeting my wiser self in guided meditation.
Today I can again see myself living out our retirement days together and I can confidently answer the question “do you still love me” with an authentic “YES”."

// Anonymous, 48 years old


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