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ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations     I'M IN! 

ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations   


Hi, I'm Kim, great to have you here!


Let me give you some context to my work and my person.

And if you would like to find out if I could be the right next mentor for you or your child, schedule a free 30-minute connection call. Virtual Italian cappucino included 🇮🇹 


What it’s like to work with me



I find the richness + luxury in the simple things like a hug from my boys, the sunshine on my skin on my lunch break, or a scent on my body in the morning that adds to the feeling of feeling alive. I teach my clients the same. To experience deeper and to feel more alive from day one. Mmmh. 



I love neuroscience so much and it’s part of my coaching process. You’ll learn more about neurones than in your middle school biology class. Immediate results included (if you’re putting in the work). Promised. Researchers like Dr. Tara Swart are my go-to dates for any coffee breaks.



Everything in our universe is energy and I see the energy imprint in everything. So this is how I roll in my mentorship too. I support you in attuning to what you already are but what might not be fully expressed yet. This is where this work meets quantum physics. (Your knowledge or lack of it about classic (school) physics doesn’t matter at allll as this is a completely different part of physics!). 


About Kim-Nicola


I’m a mentor for leaders who want to lead themselves and others with clarity, commitment, and love (connection). I also am a mom to two boys whom I love over all!

My strength is to see the bigger picture (when you might not), to support you to connect to your inner strength, and to connect the dots.

When I don’t work I absolutely looove to be in nature, to go swimming, to do Ballet classes online, to read from Kevin Kwan to Deepak Chopra, to cook and bake, preferably with Donna Hay and Mimi Thorisson, and to enjoy life with my two boys and friends.

Official Bio

Kim-Nicola is a proud mom of two teenage boys and considers them as her greatest teachers.

She studied pedagogy, psychology, and holistic medicine and worked in organisations and in practice settings for over a decade. 

When her boys were still quite small in 2011, she decided to shift into teaching and coaching with mindfulness and got trained by Dr. Amy Saltzman as well as the Center of Mindfulness UMASS under the direction of Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn and Saki Santorelli. She’s taught children and adults in schools, clinics, and privately since 2011. 

In 2020 she got certified as a coach by Dr. Shefali Tsabary whose work was named by Oprah as “revolutionary and life-changing”. In that year she started working online. 

Kim-Nicola is offering practical leadership mentorship and coaching programs online that are based in neuroscience and energetics and is guiding her clients to step up and lead with clarity, love, trust and embodiment.