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ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations     I'M IN! 

ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations   

Book a single session 

Leading with clarity, commitment and love

a new foundation for your leadership, privately and professionally 


You sometimes might not feel at ease and clear about how to move on. 

Leading yourself, and leading others. 

If that is you, ask yourself: Do you bring the highest standards to the table, privately and professionally, internally and externally?

You might be unclear in your boundary setting.

You might be not taking (enough) breaks.

You might not feel fully aligned to your values.

You might find yourself in knee-jerk reactions and ask yourself where that came from.

You might not take the actions that you know would be aligned.

You might even feel disconnected at times.

Although you love your family and you love your work.

And does all of this sometimes feel like you’re missing something?

You’re not.

But there’s always more to discover.

See this as an invitation for you.



Here’s what I see to be true more than ever before: 

Leading yourself and others with grace and love is and will be one of the most important qualities to have in our current times.

And that is something we can learn, practice, lean into, every day anew. It's not something we learn once. It's something we can refine continuously.  
In this single session you can learn more about that.
 And you will receive take-aways that will allow you to make immediate shifts, professionally, privately, or both. 
"I had a lot of family related topics going on on the side of my business. In the end that held me back from really moving forward with what I wanted to create. With Kim's gentle guidance and professional coaching I could see all of that more clearly and let go of what was holding me back. I became aware of parts of me I did not know before. The gain was huge. I felt the heaviness of the other topics lifting and could move my business forward with much more joy!”
// Kristina

“Kim’s compassionate and supportive coaching let me find the clarity and wisdom that I only could find in myself." 
// Ida

This intensive single session is a 60-minute 1:1 call. 
available upgrade: a two-week period (10 business days) of private 1:1 chat support.


“The session with Kim was amazing and I can understand why it is called an ‘intensive’, we got through a lot! Kim set the scene then armed me with the tools and a process relevant to my needs. She was astute, warm, encouraging, relatable and empathetic. I learned so much just from the intensive which will stay in me.”
 // Anne

„You did a fantastic job as a coach." 
// Dr. Shefali Tsabary