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ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations     I'M IN! 

ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations   


 Hiii girls and boys! 

This is a place where you can learn to exhale.


My areas of speciality are
Being anxious before tests or in social situations, ADHS, difficulties to fall asleep, pain, or difficulties to feel well, emotionally and mentally. 
My coaching also is extremely helpful, when a girl or boy is ambitious and socially active, but doesn’t want to loose sight of themselves. 


„Kim is deeply committed to sharing the beneficial practices of mindfulness with people of all ages, to enhance their well-being. I highly recommend Kim as a teacher for mindfulness for children, adolescents and adults.“
// Dr. Amy Saltzman
“In the coaching with Kim my feelings changed from nervous and also a little bit anxious about math exams to quite chilled and relaxed. 
Mindfulness is being connected with your body. Over the day it helped me to realize and appreciate the good little things but also seeing the difficult situations and seeing how and why I didn’t feel good with them. 
 For me it was like I newly discovered kind of two personalities. One of them being my empowered self, the other one the “little me”. 
My empowered self also was responsible for the "little me“ and that made me feel less anxious or scared. My empowered self also helped me because with her I was the "little one“ and didn’t have to worry about anything because I got help.” 
 // Clara, 14 years old
Mentorship options 
  • Mindfulness and Coaching

     In this training and coaching you learn mindfulness, receive mindset training, and learn how to build up new neural pathways.


  • English


    Since I love English so much, I take a few students per time who want to improve their English skills when English is a foreign language for them.



Mindfulness and Coaching can help you to focus, to discover your priorities and to do what is really important for you in your life. 

It can also help you to meet feelings and thoughts that are scary or overwhelming. Or to deal with situations long past but still influencing you today. (Ugh.) 


It overall helps you to be more you.

To show up the way you want to show up. Without feeling under pressure alllll the time.



Book a free 30-minute call alone or together with one of your parents, or text me on instagram to find out if working with me is for you, in what form and if I'm the right person for you (sooo! important for this mentorship to make any sense). 

We make sure to cover all your questions and to give you all the space you need to decide if this is a fit for you! 


“My daughter benefitted hugely from the sessions with Kim. She got much quieter inside herself, and could focus better on what she wanted to focus on. Also she could open up to others again. She gained a new emotional balance and learned to self-regulate.”
// Angelina S., daughter 14 years old

“Mindfulness was something completely new and different for me. In the beginning it was really strange to see and feel the stillness. I then saw I noticed more how I treat others, and how things are. I learned so much about myself. In know that sounds funny, but now I’m sometimes able to control my words. When I come to think about it, I’m living a much better life since I started to practice mindfulness!"
// Yara, 14 years old