A 5-month Group MENTORSHIP program for young women 18-24 years old

This is what you can experience inside this program:
🤍 sisterhood, connection, love, trust, ease, knowing.      


To get on the waitlist please send me an email or schedule a call.



Do you

👸🏼 see your uniqueness and beauty in certain moments but sometimes fear to be rejected online or offline?

👸🏽 want to more often say what you think but aren’t sure if this lands so well?

👸🏾 want to go to that party but aren’t sure if you can meet the expectations of your friends, or your own?

👸🏻 know you could easily pass that upcoming test because you understood all you learned but still can’t trust that you can really do it on that day?

👸 want to enjoy your life fully but sometimes difficult thoughts and feelings take over? 


Know that many women (and men) experience these feelings. 
But they don’t always speak about it. 
Because they (like everyone else) just want to belong.
And it can feel scary to share about this or other challenges.
But what if you could learn to show up with all of you? 
What if
👸🏽 you could feel bold, free, and full of joy to be fully yourself? 
🧘‍♀️ you could be fully ok with things that apparently make you look weak?
⚡️ this weakness is actually your biggest strength? 
Here's what happens inside the program: 
🧘🏾‍♀️ Mindfulness and the exact steps to feeling so much more at ease
👧🏻 Meeting the little girl inside of you. Having her on board will transform just everything and she’ll be so happy to meet you   
🧠 Learning to step into ease by reprogramming triggers
⚡️ Revising what you think you should do and finding a more fun way to do your work and life 
👸🏾 👸🏽👸 Belonging: you’ll walk away with a deep inner knowing that you always belong, no matter what 
💖 Finding out what matters most to you and what you really desire to do and be                                   
🧘🏾‍♀️ Embodying your empowered self and your unique and beautiful gifts (it’ll feel so good!)

“I came to Kim because I felt anxious and overwhelmed in school and also sometimes with my friends. I just didn’t feel good. Then I learned mindfulness. I could then breathe better and feel myself better, especially in difficult moments. This helped me so much to be just as I am, and not to try to be better all the time. I also learned to see how great I am in many ways. I now feel way less nervous, and I know I don’t have to be perfect.”

// Amelia, 18 years old

„Kim is deeply committed to sharing the beneficial practices of mindfulness with people of all ages, to enhance their well-being. I highly recommend Kim as a teacher for mindfulness for children, adolescents and adults.“
// Dr. Amy Saltzman

“I felt so nervous when going to parties or before having to do a presentation. With Kim I learned to be more in my body in these moments. This helped me hugely. I could in a way stop my thoughts, and choose different thoughts. I then felt much more relaxed.”

// Lynn, 20 years old

„You did a fantastic job as a coach." 
// Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Do I have to attend live?
The live sessions are recorded, so no worries if you can't attend live every time.
However, in order to get the most out of this program it's best to show up live and connect with the others and me as often as possible. 👸🏽 
Have questions? 
Is my English good enough?
yes! You can 100 % for sure attend, even when your English isn't so good yet, or not perfect (my one isn't either 👸🏻).
I speak slowly, I can repeat things and put words in the chat, and also, most importantly: This connection is mainly a connection that happens in your heart 💖 You'll understand everything fine (even if a voice inside of you tells you otherwise. You'll learn more about that in the program!). 
Want to test it? Have a free 15-minutes session with me on zoom, and you'll see that your English will be more than enough.
You’ll receive: 

👸🏾 a group chat in Voxer during the whole time of our five months together. Here you can share what comes up for you in a safe space. You also can send any questions that come up in between. You’ll be supported and cheered on.
There’s always enough time to share things while you’ll also learn powerful tools for your everyday life

✏️  a weekly teaching and coaching call, 60-90 minute, holidays excluded (two weeks), recorded and uploaded in your online portal

🧘🏾‍♀️ written and audio content to fill in, to print out, to hang up, to listen to and chill with

🤍 a guide to understand and implement your unique energy into your relationships and work

⚡️ a 60-75 minute 1:1 call with me. You can use this call any time until the program ends, and you have this call by yourself, or together with a friend or family member (yes, even your dog 🐶)

👉🏽 The program investment is US$ 2220 for five months. This also can be paid monthly at no additional costs (444 US$ / month) 

👉🏽 Early Bird sign-up available with an awesome bonus 

👉🏽 A limited number of scholarship spots is available 

👉🏽 The group size is going to be between four and eight girls. As enrolments happen I’ll decide when the group feels complete to me 

👉🏽 The teaching and coaching language is English. If English isn’t your native language, trust that you’ll be good anyway! 



🤍 This program allows you to learn powerful tools for your everyday life AND to get to know different parts of yourself. That lets you show up more connected, empowered, and true to yourself. You’ll feel more in flow and at ease and will have fallen in love with yourself even more. Ripple effects are always included. 


🤍 You’ll also make new connections with girls from around the world. In fact, I got to know two of my best girlfriends in similar groups. 


💖 If you feel this could be a fit for you, trust your gut feeling and send me a message to find out more! I’m looking forward to connecting to you in my DMs on IG or FB @kimnicolalorentzen, or in a short call we can have to meet in person and see if this offering is a fit for you. 

If you feel a yes in your body, trust that.  
Your body knows a lot.


What’s so awesome about this online program? 

👸🏽 Start to see how you yourself actually are your biggest ally 
✏️ Reprogram thoughts and beliefs that’ve hold you back (spoiler alert💥 These can be inherited. But still you can decide to drop them.)
💕 See when you choose judgement and comparison and what’s way cooler 
✨ Step into your inner trust and knowing 
👸🏼 See your unique power as a woman and as being uniquely YOU while seeing that you always belong.

For whom is this program?

This program is for you when
👸🏻 you see your uniqueness and beauty in certain moments but sometimes fear to be rejected online or offline
👸🏽 want to more often say what you think but aren’t sure if this lands so well
👸🏼 want to go to that party but aren’t sure if you can meet the expectations of your friends, or your own
👸🏾 know you could easily pass that upcoming test bc you understood all you've learned but still can’t trust that you can really do it on that day
👸 want to enjoy your life fully but sometimes your thoughts and feelings take over, and you feel like you’re different from others and like you somehow miss out.

How exactly can this program make my life better? 

What you’re experiencing in these five months will make it
👸 easier for you to share what you want to share, online and offline
💕 more fun and ease to attend any kind of events or tests
👸🏾 natural for you to meet your fear in a way that you feel ok
✏️ easy for you to oversee your energy levels over a longer period of time - so your planning gets easier and you bring flow into your school or other work
👸🏽 exciting for you to be yourself, in all your uniqueness 
👸🏼 visible to you that you always belong, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like that - to which you can’t add a price tag. It’s priceless!

What are we doing in these five months?

I’m going to give you a rough overview - but know that things evolve with YOU and the rest of the girls/women.  

In any case: we're always meeting with your topics as a priority. And you can send your questions in between sessions, or post / speak about them in our live session.

1: Mindfulness and what it has to do with your nervous system 🧘🏾‍♀️
Meeting the little girl inside of you (she’ll be so happy to meet you!) 👧🏻👧🏽
Triggers and the neuroscience of reprogramming 🧠
2: Girl Conditioning and shoulds 👧
Pressure, nervousness, anxiety, and belonging 👸🏾👸🏽👸
Your heart desires ❤️
3: Understanding what really matters (plus the neuroscience) 🧠
Scheduling what really matters ✏️
Committing 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏽‍♀️⚡️
4: Connecting to your inner queen 👸👸🏾👸🏽
Connecting to the divine ✨
Healing deeply and letting go some more of comparison and judgement 🥇
5: Trusting fully ✨
Embodying and connecting to your unique gifts, step by step ⚡️
Living fully every day and being your awesome self 👸🏽


You're welcome to send me all your questions via chat or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Can I ask a friend to join me? 

Sure! Having a girlfriend by your side can be a great support for you.

However, you’ll also make new friends inside the program 👸🏽👸🏼👸

So you don't need your friend to feel safe, supported, and loved in the group.

In every case: you might want to join my free 4-day Workshop Connect and bring as many of your girlsfriends as you like. This is a great opportunity to test being together in such a program! 

My mom / someone else thinks this could be a great fit for me. Should I attend? 

This program is beyond awesome 🤍🤍🤍 - but only YOU 👸🏽 and your feelings can tell you if it’s a fit for you. Close your eyes right now, feel into your body and sense: Is there a: "Hell, yes!!!" or is there a "Hell, no!!! Not for me!"?
A great way to test the ground and see how it can feel inside an online program is my short and sweet online Summer Workshop 🏝🧘🏾‍♀️🧘‍♀️. You’re so welcome to join, see how it feels, and then enrol into the bigger program if that feels good. 
If you feel a YES for the program in your body right now, send me a message, and we go from there. If you aren't sure yet, you also can just send me a message, and I'll help you finding the answer inside of you. It's there ⚡️

Is there 1:1 time and can I have a session together with someone else?

Yes, there is 1:1 time! You have one 60-75 min session to use for yourself, or as sesson together with a parent or friend. 

Signing up to the program until the 2nd of August (Early Bird) you receive one additional 1:1 session 💥 👸🏻👸🏽

You can use this session for something before the actual program starts, or during the program. This is completely up to you, and you can book it whenever you feel like it.  

When are the live calls happening, and in what time zone? 

Times for the weekly live calls are: 
✏️ Sundays 8 am PT / 11 am EST / 5 pm CET 
Calls will be recorded and it’s absolutely ok to miss some calls - especially if your time zone doesn’t allow you to attend live.

👸👸🏽 For that we also have the group chat - and you can also drop questions for the live calls in advance. 

What exactly is part of the program: how many calls, what else?

In this program you’ll receive: 

👸🏾👸🏼 a group chat during the whole time of the five months to share what comes up for you, your questions, to be supported and cheered on by the other girls, and to support the other girls. 

I’m popping into the group chat on most days of the week, and will answer questions or just hold space for what’s going on.

✏️ a weekly call, around 90 minutes, holidays excluded: these calls will be teaching and coaching calls 

🧘🏾‍♀️ written and audio content to fill in, to print out, to hang up, to listen to and chill with.

🧘🏻‍♀️ One 60-75 minute 1:1 call with me to be used as a shared call with your parents or a friend, if you'd find that helpful, or for you alone. 
There’s enough time to share things while you’ll also learn some powerful moves for your everyday life. 

What’s the pricing? 

✏️ The investment is US$ 2220 for the five months. This also can be paid monthly at no additional costs (444 US$ / month)

In the Early Bird period there's an awesome bonus of one additional 75 min. 1:1 call on top. 
✏️ The group size is going to be between 4 and 8 women (age 18-24 yo). As enrolments happen I’ll decide when the group feels complete to me and then close the group. 
✏️ A limited number of scholarship spots is available. 

Why five months?

🤍✏️ I give you the short and sweet answer here: Really, truly running with new ways to be your best self in your life needs some time and practice to really be activated. 🤍✏️
That’s it. 


👩🏻‍💻🤍 The longer answer is this:
We can be fully activated by a blog post, a podcast episode, or a night out with our girlfriends. 
All of that is a win and so great! 
But outdated ways of thinking and feeling can still be there the next day, and it sometimes can be really tricky to step out of that yourself, alone, in your head, for yourself. 
Last year I joined a group program together with eight other queens 👸🏽👸🏼👸👸🏻👸🏾👸🏽👸🏻👸🏼. In that program I saw that these beautiful women had the same fears as I had - and it opened my eyes and made me braver and more myself 🤍🤍🤍
Through our daily chat we could address some very sticky, icky, and returning thoughts immediately, on that day: One of us was texting the thought / about her day. The others could then remind her: See, this is what you shared with us in our last call! Dance it out now! Go for a run! Do some breathing and feeling that this isn’t true. And then move on with your day. You got this!
Makes sense?

Is there a way to continue after the five months?

🤍 Yes, and it depends. I am working on that. 

✏️ Also there's always the possibility to book add-ons like single sessions or 1:1 chat days or weeks. 

Who are you to be a mentor for girls and women? 

👸🏻 First of all, I was a girl too, and I'm a women too, and I was you in many ways, I’m sure. There are just some things we all share. And when we share what is going on in our lives, it becomes easier. 
Then it took me so many years to learn what I’m teaching in this program. And I wish I could have learned all of that when I was your age. It would have turned my beliefs and my life upside down - towards the really good side - as it has done now (at least I’m not a grandma yet!)
Also I’m a mindfulness teacher and coach, and a mom to two boys (who love to roll their eyes on mindfulness and related stuff) 🤯
I love Ballet 🩰, dance, my body, nature, Italian dishes and coffee, and I’m really really good at seeing the potential in people and things. That means: my strength is to see how powerful you already are. Being in a program like this means you can see yourself in this mirror that shows you how beautiful you already are - because I’m able to show you this mirror. 
It’s one of my super powers 🧘🏻‍♀️
Sounds like magic? It is. And there’s more magic to explore, because there’s all this magic (other magic) inside of you, too 💥

I’m not sure this is for me. How again could this help me? 

🧘🏽‍♀️What if you could see daily how cool you really are?  (It is true. You’re beyond awesome every day, even when you screw up. Believe me, I’ve screwed up a lot.) 
There’s a way to truly see your awesomeness, always. 
But this needs some time for you to run with it. 
That’s why this program runs for 5 months.

Why is this program priceless?

🧘🏽‍♀️ Being yourself is priceless.
Being yourself without masks, without being the good girl, without wanting to be “better” and perfect - this is the most fun but also rewarding thing you can do for yourself and our world. Because our world needs YOU as you are, with all the gifts you have inside of you. This truly is priceless. And this program can support you in exactly that.

Where can I sign up?

To sign-up please send me your message via Voxer, Instagram, or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We can then have a chat via text /voice or we can set up a 30-min zoom call if you prefer that. 

When you and I decide that this program is a fit, we can then make the enrollment complete. You also can then decide to book your 1:1 session immediately. 

I look forward to hear from you! 👸🏻

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