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ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations     I'M IN! 

ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations   

This is what's happening inside the Exhale 1:1 English lessons


  • Working with grammar material from the University of Cambridge

    This is the best grammar material I've ever seen! It's incredible easy to understand and the practises are so effective! 


  • Conversations in English only

    You'll just get used to it. No big deal. 

  • Strategic vocabulary training and visualisation

  • Podcasts, reading and Netflix series

    In class and as assignments. 

    Companion vocabulary books can be created together. 

  • Chat support between classes

    For questions and other pieces. 

 Upgrade to mindfulness and mindset coaching available upon request.


Mindfulness and Coaching can help you to focus, to discover your priorities and to do what is really important for you in your life. 

It can also help you to meet feelings and thoughts that are scary or overwhelming. Or to deal with situations long past but still influencing you today. (Ugh.) 


It overall helps you to be more you.

To show up the way you want to show up. Without feeling under pressure alllll the time.



"Before tests I felt anxious. I couldn't concentrate being at sports practice. I couldn't enjoy being with my friends. This changed with practicing mindfulness.”
// Johan, 14 years old


I’m Kim, I'm a mom to two teen boys, I love ballet, neuroscience, and quantum physics. 

When I was your age, I loved the film A Chorus Line. 

It opened my eyes. 

For what I love. 

For what I want. 

For who I am. 

And I created this for you because I would have looooved it! 


Book a free 30-minute call alone or together with one of your parents.

Or you can also text me on instagram.

So you can see if I'm a match for you (sooo! important for this mentorship to make any sense). 

We make sure to cover all your questions and to give you all the space you need to decide if this is a fit for you! 


"You did a fantastic job as a coach!" 
// Dr. Shefali Tsabary