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ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations     I'M IN! 

ALIVE: A two-day masterclass with heart activations   

My areas of speciality are
Being anxious before tests or in social situations, ADHS, difficulties to fall asleep, pain, or difficulties to feel well, emotionally and mentally. 
My coaching also is extremely helpful, when a girl or boy is ambitious and socially active, but doesn’t want to loose sight of themselves. 


This is what's happening inside the Exhale 1:1 mentorship:


  • Mindfulness

    This is to feel, to see, to hear, what is happening right now, so that we know what's up with us and others. 

    That way we know what the next important step is, for us and in the situation we're in. 

    For example: I notice I'm too angry to continue a conversation. I ask for postponing our talk until tonight. 

    Additionally mindfulness trains the prefrontal Cortex, the wise boss of our brain. When he is strong, we can better set priorities, focus, and make better decisions. 

  • Meet your younger self

    Meet your 10-, 7-, or 4-year old inner child that sometimes still likes to be seen and heard. When that takes place, situations from earlier times that haven't been integrated can dissolve more easily and you can be fully yourself, in the here and now. 

    (If trauma was experienced, a trauma expert needs to provide additional support.)

  • Activity assessment

    When we have a lot of hobbies and activities in our life, we sometimes miss that some of them aren't fun and aren't aligned for us anymore. 

    Every single activity we have in our life impacts our body sensations, our thoughts, and our feelings. 

    The assessment helps you to connect to your feelings and to make the right decisions for yourself.

  • Meet your empowered self

    This part of yourself can help you in every situation to make the right choice and to feel your inner strength. 

    It can help you in class tests, presentations, being at celebrations and parties, and doing sports and music practice.

    There are many athletes and other professionals who therefore receive high level mindfulness and mindset training. 

  • To bring everything into our everyday life

    Even if often we know what is good and important for us in our everyday life: we oftentimes forget it and thus don't do it. 

    It's easier than you might think to shift that. So that you really do, what you know is awesome for you! 

    That connects your to your inner strength, long-term. 


“This class was something completely new for our daughter. Here she was allowed to relax, to listen, to feel, to taste. A journey to an inner place that also helped her with falling asleep more easily. The practices are simple and are easy to integrate into a regular school week. There’s a way to live without stress. You only need to want it … and to learn it.”
// Henrike L., daughter 8 years old
“In the coaching with Kim my feelings changed from nervous and also a little bit anxious about math exams to quite chilled and relaxed. 
Mindfulness is being connected with your body. Over the day it helped me to realize and appreciate the good little things but also seeing the difficult situations and seeing how and why I didn’t feel good with them. 
 For me it was like I newly discovered kind of two personalities. One of them being my empowered self, the other one the “little me”. 
My empowered self also was responsible for the "little me“ and that made me feel less anxious or scared. My empowered self also helped me because with her I was the "little one“ and didn’t have to worry about anything because I got help.” 
 // Clara, 14 years old


I’m Kim, I'm a mom to two teen boys, I love dance, neuroscience, and quantum physics. 

When I was your age, I loved the film A Chorus Line. 

It opened my eyes. 

For what I love. 

For what I want. 

For who I am. 

And I created this for you because I would have looooved it! 


Book a free 30-minute call alone or together with one of your parents.

Or you can also text me on instagram.

So you can see if I'm a match for you (sooo! important for this mentorship to make any sense). 

We make sure to cover all your questions and to give you all the space you need to decide if this is a fit for you! 


"You did a fantastic job as a coach!" 
// Dr. Shefali Tsabary